Going Up

An unusual tool for any vinyl installer: Bendpack scissor lift. Our vehicle lift allows us to keep nearly any vehicle at eye level, at all times. This provides our clients with an ultimate finish, even in the lower vehicle sections where vehicle wraps are most subject to failure. 

Sunglasses Required

Any experienced installer will profess their love for ample lighting during any project. IDInstallers has invested in near daylight level brightness and energy efficient T5 fixtures in our shop. This allows us to immediately spot any imperfections and address them quickly.



Conveniently located 15 minutes from all major highways in the Lehigh Valley area, our highly visible building is an easy find for your clients. It’s also the closest 3M UASG certified facility to any clients in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Northwest New Jersey. For PDAA Master Certified requirements, it’s the only facility in the Eastern half of Pennsylvania.

Optimum Temperature

Our climate controlled install bays are kept at the perfect vinyl installation temperature of 70 degrees. This ideal condition is sustained 365 days a year/24 hours a day. This helps us to achieve our zero adhesion failure policy goals and adherence to all major manufacturer warranties.

Laboratory Clean

Our VCT tile flooring is regularly mopped, flooded, and squeegeed to ensure that not one speck of dirt gets under your vinyl.